By Kent Little
Liz and I just came back from the Miami boat show and we’re always on the look-out for a neat and new boat show find. Guys your wives are going to love this.
This is the coolest NEW thing I have found yet. It’s the first USCG approved throw able device. IE think inflatable throw cushion. It comes with or without a hard case and inflates on impact in the water. To qualify for USCG certification it also had to be throw able if it was inflated and they overcame that obstacle also. I was their first sale opening day of the Miami Boat Show and the guy invented it because he had a boat sink on him 9 miles offshore and he thought there should be a better smaller package for a floating device. And they are totally made in the USA! There are two sizes but the smaller throw cushion size was $129 and the hard case was another $60-70. So under $200. Tell him Kent Little sent you and maybe he’ll pass on the boat show special to you. This unit is definitely going on our Catalina 350, “Caya” and will give Liz some added security in case I was ever to fall overboard. In reality it’s a great safety item for any boat, power or sail. Lots of info and how to order on their site.