Congratulations to Frank Butler, President and founder of Catalina Yachts.  Frank is a 2013 Inductee to the National Sailing Hall of Fame!

Sailing’s Henry Ford

Let’s say you are running a machine shop in North Hollywood, California, and you’ve taken up dinghy sailing at the age of 30. You decide to buy a larger boat so your family can enjoy the sport, and when you go to pick it up, the builder hasn’t even started on it. Most of us would be in a quandary. Not Frank Butler. He took on the job himself, ended up with the tooling in lieu of money he had loaned the builder, then he became the builder. He designed a 22-foot sailboat of which he sold 15,000. “I’ve always been able to draw,” he says by way of explanation. Today, the company he started is a waterfront word. Catalina has produced more than 60,000 boats. At one point, demand was so great Catalina dealers had a quota.

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