Little Yacht Sales

It’s easy to find a broker who will list your boat and many of them promise you that they will sell it. But how can you really know which broker can best serve your needs and represent you and your interests? Who can really show you a proven marketing plan that results in actual sales? We can.

Most sellers already see Little Yacht Sales as the market leader not only in Texas but in the South East and we have the sales data to prove it.

Our reasons are very simple and easy to explain:

First of all we are two companies and two locations under one ownership. One primarily sail and one primarily power. The brokers from both companies do crossover because all the brokers have experience in BOTH Power and Sail. Our Sail location is at the Waterford Harbor Marina, where there is more sail than power, and our power location is at the South Shore Harbor Marina and Resort which is primarily power.

We Specialize in both power and sail and our brokers can sell either equally well.

Both locations represent the two finest storm-proven, all floating marina facilities on the Gulf Coast.

Power and Sail buyers are different buyers and tend to gravitate to the locations which represent more of what they are looking for but you may find power or sail at either location.

Many brokerages specialize in just sail or really just power. We specialize in both and our brokers can sell either equally well.

Little Yacht Sales and Texas Power Yacht brokers know the product and know how to sell boats. Some of our brokers have over 35 years of experience and most have over 10 years of experience solely in Professional Yacht Sales. Combined we have well over 165+ consistent years in just yacht sales. That is a hard number for any other brokerage to beat.

 Some of our brokers have over 35 years experience and most have over 10 years experience in just Professional Yacht Sales

Combined with this experience our brokers have the knowledge of not just the boats but we also take the time to analyze the boat and the market place as well as how to make the boat presentable. We have had many listings that other brokerage houses have had that have sat for up to a year and we have taken the listing, enacted our marketing plan and sold it sometimes in less than a month.

We know the product, how to make it presentable, how to market it, how to get the offer and how to close the sale.

Our transactions are also expedited through an innovative software package that manages and tracks documents related to the sale. It allows for us to conduct the sale via internet and email using e-signatures. This makes process from offer to closing much smoother and helps to make it happen much faster.

Most buyers and sellers comment about our marketing, but it takes more than an ad to sell a boat. We all know the internet is where 90% of the inquiries are coming from. We don’t discount print media and in fact do a lot of local, regional and national ads but we have a huge presence online:

  • The Little Yacht Sales website is consistently updated.
  • Social Media from Linked In, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter.
  • Emailed Newsletters that promote our listings as well as events like open houses that regularly bring out over 75 prospective buyers on one weekend.

Besides incredibly detailed listings with Photos and Video we have a huge YouTube Channel with over 2000 subscribers. Few dealerships can claim that.

We are able to do this because LYS is one of a few brokerage houses that have a real full time marketing manager that takes care of marketing your boat every day.

LYS Owner, Kent Little, and Marketing Manager, John Brown, both have strong marketing backgrounds and work consistently with our office manager, Betty Polk, on the marketing aspect of LYS. John makes sure the ads get done, the photos and videos get shot and all aspects of getting your boat out to the buying public is taken care of. Our brokers are then freed up to work clients and sell your boat!

Unlike print ads where you seldom ever see actual results, we can show you actual analytical data from both and YouTube that shows how many people have really viewed your listing.

Our software system allows us to track showings and feedback. Our marketing department compiles and sends the traffic data, market assessment and monthly feedback to every seller about their listing every month.

The other thing anyone can do is just go to the #1 online listing service, find the broker you are looking for, go to their site and just add up how many listings show up as sold. Most all brokers post their sold boats on Yachtworld for 90 days. It’s easy to make a comparison for yourself and it’s even easier to see how Little Yacht Sales  is the proven leader in the South East.

"David Jackson helped me purchase my sailboat, and then when my plans changed eight years later, he helped me sell my boat. Throughout the entire process, he and the LYS team have always been honest, professional and hard working. They broadly marketed my boat, appropriately negotiated and successfully closed the transactions without any glitches or surprises. David was also a great source for advice as well as referrals to maintenance and other service providers. I happily recommend David and LYS without any reservations or hesitation." – Robert Shelton

"Thank you for making this adventure possible! We have enjoyed working with you and appreciate your prompt attention."– KARI & DOUG, NEW CATALINA 385 CUSTOMERS

Betty Polk is the "Go To" lady for crafting listings. She will take the info from your broker and build the listing online. She does all of this while keeping the office running like a Swiss watch!

John Brown is the Marketing Director for LYS and TPY. John makes sure that your vessel looks her best online and at the dock through videos , signage, photography, ad design and advertising strategies.